Lac de Senart, France

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Project Description

This competition winning design for a 130 ha urban park was created as the central focus for the new town of Melun-Sénart. Four million cubic metres of spoil were to be dug out of a 40 ha lake and sculpted into a landform. The Allée Royale, an ancient hunting route along with two further axes, were used to structure the site. An earth amphitheatre, a ziggurat and a sinuously curving steam, flanked by an arboretum cut through the axial path system.

Following the competition, we were commissioned to develop the scheme including planting and earth modelling strategies.

Client : Établissement public d’aménagement de Melun-Sénart
Landscape Architects : Armstrong Bell Landscape Design
Consulting Engineers : Arup
Date : 1992, 1993 commission

Project Details