Sculpting the Land book by Diana Armstrong Bell
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Sculpting the Land: landscape design influenced by abstract art

Sculpting the Land by award winning landscape architect, Diana Armstrong Bell, is homage to her unique interpretation of the possibilities of landscape design. A selection of aesthetically compelling projects, many of which have won international design competitions, show the influence of Diana’s study of abstract art, particularly the work of Kazimir Malevich. She has developed an unusual approach to landscape design and the book reveals how these designs were imagined. Inspired by earthworks, lines and patterns in the landscape, observing, listening and gathering clues about its past and how they inform a new story, are all part of the process. Hand-drawn in ink, collage and watercolour, the book showcases a remarkable collection of art, which is used to develop and present ideas. Diana focusses on large scale public landscapes in the urban realm including Parco Franco Verga in Milan, Lac de Sénart in France and Electra Park, London.

Published by Unicorn September 2019.