Play area, Parco F V, Milan

  • Play Area Parco Franco Verga Milan
  • Play Area Parco Franco Verga Milan
Play area, Parco F V, Milan 2020-02-28T15:31:16+00:00

Project Description

The play area is a curving and gently contoured space allowing interpretation according to a child’s imagination. The main elements are a water splash feature, a ziggurat with a spiral path to the top, a mosaic wall seat and a kaleidoscope hill lined with mirror mosaic.  A series of low concrete play walls curve around a study centre/kiosk with TV Boy murals applied to the walls. The area is carpeted in rubber paving with a composition of abstract lines. An orchard of apple trees on a grassy slope provides shade. This area has become extremely well used by local residents who regard the water splash as their own local beach.

Location of park : via Eritrea / via Palizzi, Certosa, North West Milan
Landscape Architect : Armstrong Bell Landscape Design
Architect for kiosks : Curzi & Sala
Mural Artist : TV Boy
Engineers : Arup
Client : Comune di Milano
Construction time : Phase 1 (northern area) completed 2006, Phase 2 (southern area) completed 2012

Project Details