Piazza Nord, Parco F V, Milan

  • Piazza Nord, Parco Franco Verga
Piazza Nord, Parco F V, Milan 2020-03-02T14:00:50+00:00

Project Description

Parco Franco Verga has a piazza with a café kiosk situated at each of the three main entrances. The design philosophy used in the broader context of the park has been applied to the design of each piazza. The geology of the region produces spring lines where water bursts from the ground unexpectedly. This idea has been used to develop a relationship of paving and water features in the piazzas.

Piazza Nord has strong lines, water channels, crisp earth embankments and plantations of Poplar and Cherry trees inspired by the Lombardy landscape. A fragmented geometry of granite paving is contained by low concrete walls.  A concrete cube kiosk with roof-top seating and a stainless steel pergola provide a central focus to the space. TV Boy murals have been applied to the walls of the kiosk.

Location of park : via Eritrea / via Palizzi, Certosa, North West Milan
Landscape Architect : Armstrong Bell Landscape Design
Architect for kiosks : Curzi & Sala
Mural Artist : TV Boy
Engineers : Arup
Client : Comune di Milano
Construction time : Phase 1 (northern area) completed 2006, Phase 2 (southern area) completed 2012

Project Details