Coxbridge Park, Farnham

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Project Description

A business park is being carefully inserted into a 15 acre ecologically sensitive former sand quarry. Ecological and tree surveys have been carried out prior to developing a landscape strategy which focuses on native species to complement the rural setting. The sloping sides of the quarry have been conserved and are being managed for wildlife. Planting within the site provides wildlife corridors which connect the site to the wider landscape. A wildlife pond and Badger orchard are being implemented.

The access road is defined by swathes of ornamental native grasses (Deschampsia cespitosa) planted with multi-stem Birch whilst a gabion wall is used to screen the ‘bad neighbour uses’ from the remainder of the site. The drainage of hard landscape areas uses sustainable principles and utilises all run-off on the site.

Client : Ellis Campbell Group
Architects : Kemp Muir Wealleans
Landscape Architects : Armstrong Bell Landscape Design
Date : 1998  to 2012

Project Details